Can your staff tell you what the direction of your business is, in less than twenty words?

business thought for the week

What to increase your profit line by 153% without having to resort to drastic actions or magic?

By increasing your revenue by just 5% and reducing your expenses by only 5% you will increase your margin by 153%!

current revised
Income $1,000,000 $1,050,000 Plus 5%
Cost of Sales $620,000 $598,300 Minus 3.5%
Expenses $330,000 $325,050 Minus 1.5%
EBITA $50,000 $126,650 153% Improvement

You can achieve similar results NOW.

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exclusive solutions based on high quality exploration, critical analysis, matchless expertise and divergent thinking




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transforming business through the power of insight and empowerment

Helping businesses achieve, helping you achieve. The statement is very simple, however that is exactly what Blue Lake Professionals provide.

Achieving means tangible, high-impact and sustainable outcomes for customers. We all know that at some point in a businesses life there will be situations where there appears to be no clear decision to meet a challenge being faced. Our ability to provide exclusive solutions is proven and we provide customers with no nonsense critical analysis and support.



Strategic planning

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Over 70% of executives say that it is more challenging to be a leader today than it was five years ago.

The need for broader knowledge sets, demand for skilled talent, information overload, change upon change, is making it difficult for many executives to focus on ensuring the business remains competitive.

New business models are occurring at a faster pace than ever before and technology is changing by the minute. This is why it is crucial that executives stay abreast of industry trends and be open to critical assessment of where the business needs to evolve.

Blue Lake Professionals exist to "help businesses achieve".

Performance Improvement

Change management

Lean design

Information technology

Process engineering

Performance improvement is focused on increasing outputs and improving efficiency for any given procedure or process. When you apply this methodology to the business as a whole you are formulating parameters for organisational development.

Procedural inefficiency can cost up to 80%, yes 80%, of your support costs. A recent engagement demonstrated that for the invoicing procedure, over a 30 year period, that so many layers had been added, that procedures contradicted each other and only key personnel knew when and how to invoice. We help clear the clutter.

People and Organisation

Human resource management

Learning and development

Training and competency

People are not assets, they are your business!

There are over 513 million articles on what constitutes good people and organisation polices and practices. How do you choose, and when would you find the time, to determine what approach fits your business and your people?

Are you measuring the impact that your P&O function is having upon your business? Your P&O strategy should be creating a stable platform for your business, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Is it time to reset your expectations and increase the people satisfaction rating? Call Blue Lake Professionals and have an assessment undertaken.


Marketing and sales

Customer relationship management

Health and safety

Quality and accreditations

System and data management

How well does your business function?

If you are not measuring it you cannot improve it. The functional areas of business are the critical components to enabling the business to be sustainable. Having well structured and well maintained functions within any organisation are core to ensuring the business is not spending extraordinary amounts of money to create new customers, implement new safety systems, install new technology and manage continuous improvement.

If the business is not going forward, it is going backwards.

Call Blue Lake Professionals and have your functions analysed for improvement.


Corporate image

Public relations

Government engagement

Investor management

Stakeholder commitment

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place".
-- George Bernard Shaw

Lack of communication is rated as the number one reason why people quit. It is definitely high on the list of why business influencers: staff, customers, board members, stakeholders, investors, community, public and government agencies; will disengage with you.

Communication is such a core part of relationships, yet we struggle to get it right.

Blue Lake Professionals can show you how to implement strategies and communication actions for clear, concise and consistent messaging to your influencers.

The workplace is set to dramatically change

There will be dramatic changes across the country's workplaces in 2018, with employees set to get better pay and entitlements.

Christie Hall and William Fussey of EY said in a joint article that employment law amendments planned by the new Labour-led Government would create "fundamental changes" to the country's workplaces. In particular, the rise of the minimum wage by 75c to $16.50 an hour from April 1 would be at the forefront of many employers' minds, the authors said.

Full article at:


Helping businesses achieve


To be known as the company that transforms businesses through the potency of insight and empowerment and to lead this field in Asia by 2025.

exclusive solutions based on high quality exploration, critical analysis, matchless expertise and divergent thinking

With the founders of Blue Lake Professionals having over thirty years of working relentlessly in the fields of innovation, business improvement, safety, systems development and people; the ability to draw on innovative strategic solutions is very high, business proven and uncomplicated.

Blue Lake Professionals bring objective insights into a number of industry markets and build lasting relationships with strategic partners. We take a working collaborative approach when working with our customers to undertake the exploration of the challenge and develop the solution with you.

You can expect an open and critical assessment of your challenge to form a platform of solution generation. Blue Lake Professionals know the worth of facts versus assumptions and we ensure our method is both systematic and thorough.

Once the solution has been agreed upon we can then assist you with implementation to ensure you are maximising it's potential.

"Through innovation and entrepreneurship the business has transformed."

"Passionate about keeping people safe."

"Ability to create inspiration, development of foresight and realise creativity."

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